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Why KCA?

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

By: Brian McDavitt

Why KCA?

“What is this place?” It was summer break and I was the only one at the building when a delivery driver dropped off a package. I met him at the door and before he walked back to his truck, he stopped, turned around, gave the building a once-over, and said those words: “What is this place?” It’s a great question and one many of us hear when someone new visits our school, tucked away in a quiet section of the Waldo neighborhood. Those who know Kansas City Academy can tell you the correct answer - this place is special.

If you are associated with KCA, you know as well as I do why you chose to be here and why you continue to be a part of the community. KCA is a school, yes, but it is so much more. It is a place where students can learn from teachers who have authentic input on the curriculum they use, and the freedom to tailor that curriculum to student needs. It is a place where everyone has the opportunity to affect the direction of the organization by voicing their opinions on important policies. It is a place where everyone, from the youngest student to the founders of KCA, can be seen and heard for who they are - and valued as an individual with the inherent worth a human being deserves.

Those are the reasons I came to KCA a year ago and why I am still here. Kansas City Academy is built on a philosophy which strives to positively impact society by producing creative intellectuals who care about themselves and the world around them. It is the kind of school where everyone is a learner, no matter their position or background. This tight-knit community works together to continually improve and become better versions of themselves. So…what is this place? This is a place where anyone and everyone can belong, learn, and grow.

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