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KCA: A Student Perspective

By Middle School student Audrey:

KCA has always felt like a home to me. The people are nice and the teachers are caring. The classes are entertaining while also being informative. I love the fact that getting things wrong is allowed and encouraged, so people don’t have to feel bad about themselves if they do make a mistake. Instead, we are helped, and the teachers make sure we understand before moving on. I feel so comfortable here and so welcomed. The classes are fantastic with many fun activities and ways to learn. Sometimes in P.E. we will walk to a nearby park. In math we will play math games that incorporate what we have learned. Each month there is a community circle where one grade will have designed an activity for the whole school to do. The theater program is delightful with a spring and fall production. This year two students wrote their own plays which we are performing this spring. I love KCA so much, and I recommend it to anyone who needs a different learning experience or has trouble focusing. Or for anyone who wants to come! KCA is a wonderful place, and I hope people love it just as much as I do.

By Middle School student Pepper:

My name is Pepper, and I’m in my third year at Kansas City Academy. I plan on graduating from here when the time comes. My family first learned about KCA about 15 years ago when my Mom decided to return a wallet and drove by the school. There's a lot I could say about this place, but one thing I know for certain is that it's WEIRD. I don't think there's a school quite like this anywhere else. KCA is a place where you can truly be yourself or anyone you want to be. We may not have certain things like a bell, large cafeteria, or football field, but what we lack in amenities we make up for in community and individuality. Everyone is seen and respected here for who they are, including members of the LGBTQ+ community. Multiple kids, including myself, refer to Kansas City Academy as an inclusive version of a certain wizarding school, and I feel like there's some truth to that. There's a kind of magic about this place that makes it so much different than other public or private schools. Since coming here, I have had the space to work out who I am as a person and be exposed to other communities and ideas that I wouldn't have been otherwise. If you want your child to grow as a person, send them here.

By High School students Izzy and Reese:

Kansas City Academy has been a life-changing experience. The two of us had a very similar experience before KCA, even coming from different schools. We were both very reserved and anxious and felt out of place amongst our classmates. Once we switched schools, we immediately noticed the different environment. Everyone is incredibly welcoming, especially the students. It’s easy to connect with people, and everyone can be themselves. Even if you’re not close with someone, there is mutual respect between students, and it doesn’t feel like a hostile environment. We became more open, confident, and willing to share our ideas. This confidence connects to our KCA motto of “responsible freedom”. Students are trusted to make wise decisions, and teachers are willing to modify assignments in ways that benefit the individual or the class. Everyone is very open to adaptation and change, and you can easily ask for what will help you be successful. 

The main people who cultivate this environment are the teachers. The staff are all very welcoming. They are respectful, willing to help and make learning memorable. They work to create a unique and engaging curriculum, and you will always learn something new, or find a new perspective on a familiar topic. Teachers create interesting assignments and choose specific topics that make learning more creative. They are especially understanding, and value each student and their ideas. Teachers are willing to have multiple ways of learning and tailor lessons to help each student succeed. They understand that success looks different to everyone, and there are different ways to get there. The teacher-to-student ratio also helps make the class feel more personalized, as students can ask questions and go at their own pace. Everyone, the teachers and students, works together to create a positive and educational environment. Overall, Kansas City Academy encourages creativity, celebrates individuality, and makes school a more impactful experience.


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