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KCA provides a learning environment that recognizes each student as a multi-faceted individual who deserves support in all aspects of their educational journey. Students are given opportunities to find their voice, encouraged to question, and provided the tools necessary to shape their future.

We prepare our graduates to be active, responsible participants in a continually diverse world. Through authentic, engaging learning experiences, we equip our students with strategies to become thought leaders in their respective communities.

Clubs & Activities

At KCA, our clubs and activities change yearly. This is because students form and lead the clubs that are at KCA. Each year students get to decide what clubs they form, and they ask a faculty or staff person to sponsor their club. Then their club is formed!

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Student Involvement

Kansas City Academy encourages students to be involved and give back to their learning community. The KCA Student Council is composed of all currently enrolled students. Each grade level also elects representatives to speak for them at student council meetings, where they can propose events, provide input on course offerings, give opinions on school policies and procedures, and voice concerns. Three members of the student body are also elected to be members of the KCA Board of Directors. These students are official board members, with full voting rights. This provides the entire student body with a means of shaping the future of their school through real policy change.

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