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Kansas City Academy prides itself on providing quality education to its students. That starts with its teachers and the core classes we offer in middle and high school. Teachers have the opportunity to collaborate across different subject areas which allows for a student-centric and interdisciplinary approach to education. When teachers from English-language arts (ELA), social studies, science, and math come together to examine common themes or ideas, it provides students with a broader understanding and a more integrated learning experience. 

The arts are integrated into core courses, and the relevance of learning is a focus. Students practice skills and learn content through personalized learning, and they are afforded a variety of ways to demonstrate their understanding.​ KCA provides students with unique opportunities to connect skills and content from their classes to their own lives and the larger world. 

Middle School Core Classes

ELA: 6-8

Social Studies: 6-8

Middle School Math: 6-7

Pre-Algebra: 8

Middle School Science: 6-7

Physical Science: 8

Middle School Elective Core Classes

Study Skills: 6

Future Cities: 7

Service Class: 7

Current Events: 8

World Cultures: 8

High School Core Classes

ELA: 9-10

American Literature: 11

Gothic Literature: 12

Ancient World History: 9

Modern World History: 10-11

US History: 11-12

French 1: 9-12

Algebra: 9-10

Geometry: 9-11

Advanced Algebra: 10-12

Pre-Calculus: 11-12

Calculus: 12

Biology- 9-10

Chemistry: 10-12

Enviro. Sciences: 11-12

Physics: 12

High School Elective Core Classes

World Languages: 9-12

French 2: 10-12

Philosophy: 11-12

Yearbook: -10-12

KCA Zine: 10-12

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