Music Programs at Kansas City Academy

Studio Music Class 

This is not a traditional band class! KCA has its own professional recording studio, equipped with the modern technology students need to create and record their musical masterpiece. Each student is given the opportunity to contribute to the creation of the band’s unique music performance style, as well as produce a digital recording of original music. 

Students write and produce original music and are guided by the studio music teacher’s leadership. Currently we offer intermediate and advanced bands as a part of the curriculum. 

Students may join the Studio Music Class by audition only. Once accepted into the music program, students are placed in one or more electric bands and spend class time learning how to write and perform in a professional recording studio. 

The band performs numerous public performances throughout the Kansas City community each year and at KCA at the end of each semester.

After school programs include Music Theory, KCA singers, and beginning guitar lessons. 

KCA Singers 

This a capella choir meets twice per week to hone their vocal skills, ear training, and develop performance-ready pieces. Musical selections range from Motown to pop, rock, and hip hop, including beatboxed percussion and rap. KCA Singers is a .5 credit course which meets during hour 7.


Music Theory 

Our Music Theory course develops a student's ability to recognize, understand, and describe the basic materials and processes of music. Theory 1 focuses on the rudiments and terminology of music, including hearing and notating pitches, intervals, scales and keys, chords, meter, and rhythm. Part-writing, arranging, and composing are explored at length. Emphasis is placed on preparing students for both advanced music study and the music of their time. 

Ben Hutchinson


Ben teaches the Studio Music, KCA Singers and Music Theory classes. He holds a Bachelor of Music in Voice and Piano Performance from Millikin University in Decatur, IL, and studied …

Ben's Teaching Philosophy

More than pitch, rhythm, style, or production, our student musicians practice collaboration, critical listening, constructive communication, confidence, and overcoming self-doubt.


 2013-2014 MUSIC


2014-2015 MUSIC

REPETITION ~single by Danny Hatem