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Nam Ahrens, a recent graduate of L’Ecole Culinaire, began his culinary career at KCA when he was a sophomore.

“I knew this [culinary] is what I wanted to do [as a career] my sophomore year in high school.”

It all started with a food tasting hosted by Bistro Kids when Nam was a Freshman. At the time, Bistro Kids was preparing lunch for KCA students two times per week. As the interest in healthy lunches and a culinary program grew, KCA expanded its lunch program from two to four days per week and the nutrition education class evolved into the school’s culinary certification program.

As Nam continued through the culinary certification program, he realized the hands-on training made him a better cook. What he did not count on was how much he would develop his communication skills and grow as an individual. “As I was getting close to finishing, I knew I had become a better person.”

Following high school, Nam continued to hone his craft through study at Johnson County Community College and apprenticing around Kansas City at various restaurants including Affäre and Michael Smith’s. In November, he will embark on the next chapter of his culinary journey as he heads to Germany to work at Port, a restaurant in Bremen. 

Nam Ahrens, KCA Alum

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