Culinary Certification at Kansas City Academy

The Culinary Arts Certificate is a two-year program designed to prepare students for a career in the culinary arts. The curriculum emphasizes Bistro Kids’ philosophy of using fresh, local ingredients, respecting the food, utilizing it in the most sustainable manner, and having a creative approach. 
Students develop skills used in restaurant cooking and large-scale kitchens, as well as dining room procedures, using the school lunch program as their training laboratory. The program incorporates new developments in the areas of institutional food, safety, fine dining, and basic baking principles.

Graduates of the program have a strong foundation in the basics of food preparation, safety, nutrition, and restaurant operating procedures.
During their first year of the program students are trained in both Food Is Elementary and ServSafe. Second-year students work with Bistro Kids and are involved in all operations associated with preparing and serving food to fellow students, staff, and guests. They practice a variety of cooking skills and craft menus featuring many regional and international cuisines.


Mark Zukaitis

Chef / Nutrition Education

Chef Mark Zukaitis, Jr, of Bistro Kids, is KCA’s Chef and Nutrition Instructor. He has held various positions around the country as Sous Chef, Catering and General Manager for restaurants and …