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Transgender Awareness Week

Hello KCA Community,

In recognition of Transgender Awareness Week and Transgender Day of Remembrance, I am writing to share a list of resources and links that may be of interest. At KCA, we strive to be a gender affirming school and a safe, supportive environment for transgender and gender expansive youth. I encourage teachers, parents / guardians and students to take some time this week to explore this list. Whether you are looking for strategies to make your classroom more inclusive, interested in connecting with other trans youth like you in KC, or wanting to learn more in order to support you child or one of their friends, there is something for you here! Please contact me with any questions, suggestions, resources to add to the list and/ or to request a counseling meeting on zoom.

Ellen Ritchie, LCSW

KCA School Counselor

Local Organizations (Some groups have events this week!):

Transformations KC: https://www.facebook.com/kctransformations/?ref=page_internal or https://transformationskc.org/

KC Passages: https://www.facebook.com/kcpassages/

KCAVP: https://www.facebook.com/kcavp or http://www.kcavp.org/

Kansas City Center for Inclusion: https://www.inclusivekc.org/

LGBT Affirming Therapist Guild: https://lgbtguild.com/

National Organizations:

Trevor Project (LGBTQ Teen Phone and Text Support Line): https://www.thetrevorproject.org/

Human Rights Campaign: https://www.hrc.org/

PFLAG (Support for Parents, Friends and Allies) https://pflag.org/

GLSEN (Resources for creating safe and inclusive schools for LGBTQ+ students and educators): https://www.glsen.org/

Articles / Reports:

Fatal Violence Against Trans and Gender Non-Conforming Community in 2020: https://www.hrc.org/resources/violence-against-the-trans-and-gender-non-conforming-community-in-2020

Being there for Non-Binary Youth: https://www.tolerance.org/magazine/summer-2016/toolkit-for-being-there-for-nonbinary-youth

Supporting LGBT Youth During Social Distancing: https://www.tolerance.org/magazine/supporting-lgbtq-students-during-social-distancing

School in Transition Guide for Schools: https://www.genderspectrum.org/articles/schools-in-transition

DoJ Dear Colleague Letter: https://www.justice.gov/opa/file/850986/download

Film with Discussion Guide:

Transhood: https://www.hbo.com/documentaries/transhood


Beyond the Binary: A Toolkit for Gender Identity Activism in Schools: https://transgenderlawcenter.org/resources/youth/beyond-the-binary

Bending the Mold: A Toolkit for Gender Non-Conforming Students: https://www.lambdalegal.org/publications/bending-the-mold

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