Kansas City Academy is a personalized learning community that respects individuality, encourages independent thinking, and values creativity in all disciplines. 


Kansas City Academy graduates are active, responsible participants in a diverse world. 

The Kansas City Academy Philosophy

The purpose of our philosophy is to help students, faculty, parents, and board members reach for the ideals in life that the school strives to model. It is a creed, not only for the time we spend at the school but also for the remainder of our lives.

We create a safe and caring community of co-learners in which:

  • the uniqueness and worth of each individual are unconditionally accepted and respected

  • diversity is celebrated

  • interreligious dialogue and understanding are encouraged

  • collegial and participatory decision-making is practiced

  • responsible freedom is expected

  • active, open communication is a way of life

We provide a creative, flexible, and intellectually stimulating learning environment in which:

  • education is understood holistically

  • students are encouraged to strive for excellence at their own pace

  • students are challenged to discover and develop their fullest talents

  • students are challenged and supported in their search for meaning

  • motivation occurs cooperatively rather than competitively

  • learning how to learn is as important as what one learns

  • mutual evaluation is an ongoing and integral part of the learning process

  • students experience a variety of teaching and learning styles

  • the ground is laid for seeing all of life as an educational venture

We prepare learners for responsible participation in their society by encouraging:

  • critical thinking

  • a broad world view

  • an awareness of global interdependence

  • a passion for social justice

  • a commitment to be change agents in creating a new future for themselves and others


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