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KCA High School

In high school, teenagers become more fully aware of the world that extends beyond their classroom and where they live. KCA goes beyond traditional schooling and creates a supportive and nurturing community with a holistic approach to education. Students are encouraged to participate, problem solve, think creatively, try new things, and incorporate things such as individual self-expression into their schoolwork and daily lives.

The opportunity offered to high school students at KCA is unlike anything offered in the Kansas City area. Explore our course offerings to learn more about the unique educational experience at KCA.

Preparation for Higher Education
at Kansas City Academy 

Preparation for higher education and life after KCA begins on a student's very first day at our school. 

Our curriculum and educational environment aim to prepare our students to be...

  • Critical thinkers and learners

  • Great communicators

  • Responsible participants in the world that surrounds them

  • Passionate about social justice

  • Change agents

College Planning Tools

College Planning Calculator

Scholarship Search

College Ahead (mobile app download)

ACT and SAT Resources

90% of KCA grads

attend higher education within two years 

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