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Student Schedules

We have set a consistent master schedule and students can now see when all their Zoom meetings will be held each week in the Schedules section of the FACTS Portal (formerly known as RenWeb). Each student's Zoom Class Schedule will be the same every week. 

KCA Schedules Tutorial Video:

Please Note:

  • Kendall will be meeting with her Art classes on Zoom one day / week from 12:00 - 12:30. Art students - check your schedule to see which day and time you will meet with Kendall. 

  • World Languages class with Betty will meet every other week

  • Senior Seminar will show up every Thursday at 12:30 for all seniors.

  • Culinary will not meet on zoom. Mark has emailed Culinary students an assignment. Contact Mark directly with any questions about this class. 

Google Classroom & Calendar

Given that most of our teachers and students already use Google Classroom, we have decided that the Google Suite (Classroom & Calendar) will be our one-stop during distance learning. FACTS will be used only for schedules and grades, but not to post lesson plans or assignments. Teachers will not send weekly emails. Go to Google Classroom for all information about assignments and Google Calendar for Zoom meetings. Please note: You must ACCEPT the Zoom invitations for them to be added to your calendar.

KCA Google Classroom Tutorial Video:

Office Hours & Tutoring Times

We understand that zoom meetings feel very different from actually being in the classroom and some students struggle to catch everything. Teachers will be offering office hours / tutoring support in addition to online class times each week. Support can be provided over email or in one-on-one / small group Zoom meetings. 

If you need support or have questions you want to discuss with your teacher, email them to set up a time to talk or meet on zoom during their office hours.

Distance Learning Plans

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