Science at Kansas City Academy

KCA offers biology, physical science, environmental science, chemistry, physics, and middle school science exploration. The science programs include structured inquiry techniques and hands-on experimentation that are in alignment with Next Generation Science Standards and supported by the American Modeling Teachers Association

Research shows students who are in a class where they are actively engaged consistently outperform those in traditional classes. The modern classroom lab facilities support this research, enabling students to conduct many hands on experiments. Whether inside or outside the classroom, faculty members engage students in activities that spark their imagination and allow them to explore what science means in the world.

Science at KCA is also project-based. Many units culminate in a project designed to demonstrate learning such as designing air quality investigations, building usical instruments (the science of sound), and writing letters to parents to explain the physics of safe driving. 

Current Biology Activities

Face Lab: Two students randomly select from a large number of recessive and dominant features by flipping coins. They draw their parent and the rough draft is submitted to the art teacher to ensure high quality. The students use watercolor to represent their parent and grandchild.

Prarie Life Imagined: Students go to the Jerry Smith Park seasonally to experience prairie during each season, noting climate conditions and sketching plants so they can compare seasonal weather conditions and the impact on the prairie. Students also create an imaginary creatures that could survive on the prairie.

Science Teachers

Anne Goldkamp

Science / Co-Founder

Anne teaches Chemistry, Physics and Physical Science. She also serves as  chair of KCA’s Accreditation Committee. Anne has a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Avila University and a Master of Science …

Carole Eschen


Carole, Sister of Loretto, celebrated her 50th year of teaching in 2015, and has been with KCA for more than 30 years. She currently teaches Biology I and holds a Bachelor …

Adam Murphy


Adam teaches middle and high school science at KCA. He received a Bachelor of Arts in Earth Science from Wesleyan University in 1992, an MS in 1996 and a Ph.D. in …