KCA Middle School

Middle school at KCA provides students with unique opportunities to connect skills and content from their classes to their own lives and to the larger world. Teachers may collaborate to have students examine common themes or ideas across English-language arts, social studies, science, and even math. The arts are deliberately integrated into core courses, and the relevance of learning is a focus. Students practice skills and learn content through personalized learning, and they are afforded a variety of ways to demonstrate their understandings.


Another important facet of middle school at KCA is that students learn to embrace and contribute to their diverse communities, starting right here with our KCA community and extending beyond to global citizenship. Social justice issues are woven into Crew and classes. R-E-S-P-E-C-T and responsible freedom are our modes of operation.​​

6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Classes

at Kansas City Academy 

KCA is a place where:

We are “all crew, no passengers.”


Students are asked, “What do you have to say?”

Students are supported to “fly without falling.”

Students are encouraged to “swim against the mainstream” and “find the walls, then break them” so that they can “give and get back.”

Skill development is paramount in middle school. At KCA, we use the following content to help students develop skills for academic success in high school and beyond.


6/7 Social Studies 

World history, geography, and religions


6/7 ELA

Young Adult literature


6/7 Science

Scientific disciplines as part of everyday life


6/7 Math

Basic mathematical principles and reasoning


8 Social Studies

Special Topics in American history



Young Adult and American literature


8 Science

Physical science


8 Math

Pre-algebra or algebra


MS Electives

Music, PE, visual art, theatre