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Middle School at Kansas City Academy

Middle school is an opportunity for students to embrace learning. At KCA, our goal is to help students engage in the material through cross-curriculum, hands-on projects and designated themes to provide a narrative in which core subject lessons follow.

For example, over its course, a unit on water might explore the topic through the lenses of chemistry, biology, geography, environment, history, mathematics, literature and art. This type of cross curriculum teaching allows for creativity and collaboration which is not possible in more traditional classrooms.

Sixth and Seventh Grade

One of the unique aspects of KCA's middle school program is the student-teacher relationships that develop as a result of our small class sizes and individualized attention. In an environment of mutual respect, students and teachers are on a first-name basis. Students teach, teachers learn ~ all are empowered. 

The sixth and seventh grade students develop excellent habits of work including active listening, reading comprehension, research, note taking, time management, organization, critical thinking, group work, and study skills. These skills are reinforced through hands-on activities and experiments, as well as field trips and interaction with subject matter experts in our community,  

Eighth Grade

Eighth grade is a transition year between Middle and High School. Students hone their time management and habits of work skills, begin to change classes, and expand their knowledge base. 

One of the unique things about our curriculum is that each semester the humanities subject matter rotates and the selected theme is frequently student inspired. Here is an example of how the cross-curriculum model works:  

Fall 2016

Theme: Working Conditions
Required Reading: The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck and Nickel and Dimed: On Getting By in America by Barbara Ehrenreich.

Spring 2017 

Theme: Garbage and Recycling
Required Reading: The Jungle by Upton Sinclair and Garbage Land: On the Secret Trail of Trash by Elizabeth Royte.

Core Curriculum



Physical Education

Plank Challenge

Middle School Teachers

Adam Murphy


Adam teaches middle and high school science at KCA. He received a Bachelor of Arts in Earth Science from Wesleyan University in 1992, an MS in 1996 and a Ph.D. in …