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Kansas City Academy Parent Council

All KCA parents and/or legal guardians of currently enrolled students are members of the Kansas City Academy Parent Council and are encouraged to become active in supporting KCA’s academic and social activities. The mission of the Parent Council is to provide a forum in which parents can share information, support each other, and support the mission and philosophy of the school. 

We invite you to become an active member of at least one of our seven volunteer groups. And if you want to be involved in more than one, the more the merrier! 


Working with the KCA Development Director to plan events or initiatives to tap into the larger Kansas City metro area for support for our school. 


Our physical building. What needs to be spruced up? What needs to be fixed up? What could be improved?


The outside area of our school always needs a little love, as does our garden. 

Parent Socials

Like to plan events? Our parents are "social" and we like to get together and have a good time. 


In coordination with the KCA Development Director, seek out and coordinate opportunities where we can get more exposure for the culinary, arts, music, and theater programs. Plaza Art Fair? Fringe Festival? Local TV shows? 

Planning Community Service Outings

Our kids are expected to do 16 hours of service in the community each year. Can you help arrange opportunities? How about gatehring a group together to prepare dinner at Ronald McDonald House? Organize a bus load of kids going to Harvesters?