History at Kansas City Academy

World History

This two-year course is an examination of the influences that have contributed to the development of human history. Students will explore issues of politics, economics, social relationships, culture, the environment, geography, war and peace, worldview, religion, and technology in the ancient (year one) and modern (year two) world in a non-U.S. context.

Students learn through hands-on projects, weekly reading assignments, projects, and a capstone research paper each semester. 

United States History

Semester 1 – A survey of early American history beginning with the migration of early peoples to the continent and concluding with the end of Reconstruction. Additional topics that will be covered in this course include the Colonial Period, the American Revolution, the development of the Constitution, Jacksonianism, Westward Expansion, the Border War, the Civil War, and the Civil War in memory.

Semester 2 – A survey of modern American history beginning with the Gilded Age and concluding with the end of the Cold War. Additional topics that will be covered in this course include rural activism, industrialization, urbanization, the Progressives, the rise of the American Empire, the 1920’s, the Great Depression, World Wars I & II, the 1950’s, and the Civil Rights Movement. Special consideration will be given to issues of race, class, and gender in American history, as well as the inclusion of cultural history.

This course features both lectures and discussion, with occasional viewing of films. Students must be prepared to read outside of class and take notes in class.

American Government

"All politics is local" is one of the maxims of political wisdom. We will follow that advice as we approach our study of the laws and the people who formulate them from the ground up. We will focus on individuals who have dedicated their lives to making a difference.

This class will focus on a hands-on approach through a variety of projects and activities in addition to text assignments and lecture/discussion. 

Economics and Finance

This course is a basic introduction to economics and personal finance. The following topics will be covered: supply and demand; opportunity cost; monetary policy; interest and interest rates; credit; market structure; and the stock market. The course will explore these ideas through the creation and execution of a business plan.

This class combines lecture and hands-on projects such as an experience that teaches the law of diminishing returns. Students are invited to eat a marshmallow and graph their satisfaction with the first marshmallow. The graph quickly tells the story of diminishing returns as the students continue to consume marshmallows even as their satisfaction decreases. 

Art History

This class explores art spanning the centuries, from Mesopotamian sculptures to contemporary performance art. Students will read, research, question, experiment, present, listen, debate, create, and curate.

Food as art

Tempera Painting

Tempera Painting

Tempera Painting

History Teachers

Kory Gallagher

Head of School / Principal / History

Kory is the Head of School / Principal at KCA. Kory’s previous experience at KCA includes six years of teaching history, government, and economics, as well as serving as president of …

Kim Larson

Art History / Ancient History

Kim teaches art history and ancient history at KCA. She received her Bachelor of Arts in English and history from Hastings College and a Master of Arts in Art History …

Melissa Riebe


Melissa Riebe teaches history and literature at KCA. She received a Bachelor of Arts in History from the University of Kansas and a Master of Arts in History from the …