Healthy Lunches at Kansas City Academy

In partnership with Bistro Kids, Chef Mark Zukaitis prepares familiar and new healthy dishes featuring local ingredients. We believe in eating local--at least 50% of our lunches are made from local produce, cheese, milk, eggs, chicken, turkey, beef, and bison. We buy only whole grains and gluten-free options are available. Nothing is processed or refined. 

Our students also have the benefit of growing, maintaining, and harvesting fresh vegetables and herbs from our school's garden.

The vegetable gardens were established in 2007, beginning with only two raised beds, as a part of the Kansas City Community Gardens Edible Schoolyards program. Over the next five years, new beds were added and a hoop house was erected. 

Initially, the gardens were used as a means of connecting science classes with an outdoor lab of sorts and the focus of the garden was on providing primarily greens and herbs for our kitchen.

The garden has always been maintained by volunteers, including students, parents, grandparents, faculty, alumni, alumni parents, and neighbors of the school. 

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The Lunch Line

The Hoop House

Mark Zukaitis

Chef / Nutrition Education

Chef Mark Zukaitis, Jr, of Bistro Kids, is KCA’s Chef and Nutrition Instructor. He has held various positions around the country as Sous Chef, Catering and General Manager for restaurants and …

Chef Mark on healthy lunches