A Message From Kory, Head of School ~

I am often asked what it is about Kansas City Academy that is so unique. In my case, coming to the school as Principal is not the first time I have accepted a position at KCA – this is my third time coming to work at the school. Regardless of whether it was the first time or third time, the draw is always the same: KCA is not just a school.

Yes, the learning you would expect to find at any accredited independent school can be found at KCA. We take a different approach to it, and strive for better results.

What makes KCA truly unique is that it is also a community. When a family decides to join our community the benefits are tremendous. In our community students respect each other. There are no bullies. There are no fights. In our community students respect teachers and teachers respect students. Students are encouraged to ask questions. Students have the freedom to draw their own conclusions. Nothing inspires mastery of content like being challenged. In our community we support each other. Wallflowers become the life of the party. Everyone is accepted for who they are and encouraged to pursue dreams. Goals are set; goals are met.

Kansas City Academy truly is a special place.

As a graduate student I discovered KCA and knew it was the kind of place I wanted to teach. As a teacher I found the students intellectually engaging as they challenged standard educational practice. Perhaps most telling, in the two short periods in which I left KCA, I found myself missing the place. Through my own journey – a Masters degree in History, a Masters degree in Public Administration, and PhD in American cultural history (in process) – the KCA community has stood by and supported me. As Head of School I am honored to be in a position to reciprocate.

Though our community is small, we are always looking for others to join us. We hope you will. What happens here is transformative.


Kory Gallagher
Principal / Head of School

Kory Gallagher

Head of School / Principal / History

Kory is the Head of School / Principal at KCA. Kory’s previous experience at KCA includes six years of teaching history, government, and economics, as well as serving as president of …