Foreign Languages at Kansas City Academy

French and Spanish

KCA combines project-based curriculum, small-group interactions, and online curriculum to meet the specific needs of students who are studying French or Spanish to meet their foreign language requirements.

Through partnership with Middlebury Interactive Languages, KCA is able to offer foreign language from introductory through advanced placement and college level instruction. Students begin by having their skills assessed and then are placed in the appropriate point in the Middlebury Interactive Languages curriculum. These comprehensive French and Spanish programs focus on the mastery of reading, writing, and speaking in accordance with the appropriate class level. 



French Pastry Project

Betty's Teaching Philosophy

Students fully engaged do better in every subject matter. When you hear and see and then practice a discipline, you become part of it. I also believe connecting with people and their culture deepens language studies."

Foreign Language Teachers

Betty Bremser

Language Studies / French

Betty is a Foreign Language Instructor at KCA. She received a Bachelor of Arts in French from Knox College and a Master of Arts from UMKC in Curriculum and Instruction-Secondary Education. …

Norman Gray

Yearbook / Student Activities

Norman is the Student Activities Coordinator at KCA and also teaches Spanish, which he began teaching in 1969. He incorporates his past Spanish teaching formats into his current classes. He …

Norman's Teaching Philosophy

Learning Spanish is progressive and it requires dilligence. Practice! Practice! Practice!"