English at Kansas City Academy


A good understanding and proper use of English helps students convey ideas, solve problems, and understand their changing world. English classes at KCA help students develop essential high school-level aademic reading, comprehension, and writing skills and knowledge. Learning targets focus on mastery of grammer, spelling, vocabulary, critical thinking, research techniques, writing practice, disciplined reading, and organizational skills.

Students are able to combine the techniques they learn as they prepare essays, research papers and multi-media presentations. Small class size allows for individualized attention and fosters a supportive environment where students are encouraged to question, express their thoughts and enter into thought-provoking discussions. 

JoLynne's Teaching Philosophy

"One of my jobs as a teacher is to help students stretch and experience more success than they ever thought possible." 

English Teachers

JoLynne Walz Martinez

English / Literature

JoLynne teaches English and Creative Writing at KCA. She holds a Bachelor of Art in Journalism with an emphasis in Science Writing from KU and  a Master of Arts in …

Andy's Teaching Philosophy

"I would like my students to come to see all the things that language can be and all the the things that it can do and to see all the ways that literature offers to us ideas and perspectives to which we might not otherwise have access."