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Your donation is an investment in quality education.

Founded in 1984, KCA has always been a school ahead of its time. We provide an excellent college-preparatory education through a creative, hands-on, project-based curriculum. At KCA, students become decision makers. They deepen their values, gain an awareness of the world, and develop a thirst for life-long learning.

We need your support to continue providing quality, individualized education to college-bound students throughout the metropolitan area. Our school is funded through tuition, individual donations, grants, and foundation support. As an independent, private school, we receive no federal or state funding and tuition covers only 80% of our expenses. Your tax-deductible donations help us close a gap in our expenses and make a difference for our students and our community. 

Our Mission: Kansas City Academy is a personalized learning community that respects individuality, encourages independent thinking, and values creativity in all disciplines.

Our Vision: Kansas City Academy graduates are active responsible participants in a diverse world.


KCA Graduates

Individualized Attention

Your financial support helps us keep our class sizes small, ranging from 8-12 students per class. This enables our teachers to meet students where they are, create hands-on projects, and inspire students to grow academically and personally. 

Creative Arts

Support from our KCA community gives students the opportunity to explore a wide range of creative arts including studio band, music theory, KCA singers, culinary, theater, ceramics, video, and photography. 

Health and Nutrition

Grow KCA, our 2016 Annual Campaign, focuses on strengthening our health and nutrition programs at KCA. We offer a culinary certification program, a garden where we grow our own vegetables, and farm-to-table lunches. 

Scholarship Funds

We strive to make our educational experience affordable for all and have a variety of scholarship funds available, including: 
  • The Ruth Kinderman Work/Study Scholarship and Financial Aid Fund 
  • The Reskovac Scholarship Fund

The Karen Medhi Memorial Fund, established in 2014, provides scholarships to students with financial need, providing them an education they may not otherwise be able to afford.

“I love math and find it to be beautiful. I try to convey that passion. I think the teacher needs to be excited about their subject – it gives the students’ permission to become interested themselves."

Karen Medhi was a long-time KCA community member, as both a math teacher and parent. Her contributions to the school and the lives of her former students are countless.

Her commitment, dedication, and friendship will forever leave an imprint on this community.

The Mott-ly Fund was established in memory of KCA's friend Mott-ly Tisdale (1962-2007). This scholarship is awarded to students of the arts (visual arts, music, theater, and culinary), with a preference for students interested in social justice issues. 

Mott-ly was a graduate of the Kansas City Art Institute, operated MoMo Gallery in Kansas City, Mo., and would visit KCA art classes to inspire and encourage emerging young artists.

Born with hemophilia, Mott-ly contracted HIV from a blood transfusion before blood donors were routinely screened for the virus. Chris Snipes, a friend of Mott-ly's, explains, “Mott-ly was dealt a bleak hand at birth, yet seemed to be able to employ some arduous alchemy to transform a considerable amount of suffering into an ever-deepening well of empathy and art.”  Snipes is the producer of the documentary,
"My Friend Mott-ly." 

Additional Ways to Donate​




  • Donate directly
  • United Way:
  • Estate planning
  • Donations of stock
  • Memorial gifts