Crew Meetings 

KCA has Crew Meetings as an integral part of the curriculum. Students are grouped by grade level and a teacher is assigned as their leader. Each Crew meets four class periods per week. 
Crew meetings focus on:
  • Academic mentoring and tutoring, self exploration, post-high school planning preparation, development of a reflective attitude and preparation for student-led parent / teacher conferences
  • Being active KCA community members
  • KCA School-wide service projects

Community Circle 

In addition, all students participate in a school-wide community circle during one class period every other week. Crews alternate organizing, coordinating and executing this all school meeting.
  • Welcoming and adjourning rituals
  • Sharing of hands-on projects and coursework

Crew, community circle, and academic classes at KCA are designed to encourage and challenge students to observe, question, create, analyze and evaluate. 

Community Circle