Board of Directors 

Students are expected to not only take part in their education but also actively engage in their school and community. Three students serve on the KCA School Board of Directors as student elected representatives. As part of the school board, they take part in board and committee meetings, are involved in the strategic management and oversight of the school, and have full voting privileges. Student input and leadership is extremely valuable and speaks to the essence of KCA. 

Social Justice 

Social justice and sustainability are important aspects of KCA's philosophy. KCA prepares students to become global citizens by integrating world issues into the academic and daily life of the student. Activites are student led and have included trips to participate in teh United Nations Conference on the Status of Women, lobbying the Missouri State Legislature on behalf of funding for local public libraries, as well as raising funds and gathering supplies for local and international relief efforts. 
We are also committed to making our campus sustainable and fostering a community-wide sense of environmental stewardship through participating in the "eat local" movement, a student-led recycling campaign, coursework in environmental science, and participating in environmentally focused events. 

Community Involvement 

Teaching students social responsibility includes a commitment to community service.
Each high school student is required to complete 16 hours of community service every year. This lays a foundation wherein students learn and understand the importance of contributing to the community in which they live and how their involvement makes a difference in the world.