College Preparatory at Kansas City Academy

KCA encourages each student to be curious, to explore their passions,  try new things, and push the boundaries of their comfort zone. This begins from the moment a student walks in the front door--the preparation for college and for life. We feel confident, as students conclude their senior year, they have explored their options and are prepared to take the next step.

Ninety percent of KCA graduates attend higher education within two years. 

Qualities of a KCA Grad 

A graduate of Kansas City Academy is ... 
  • A responsible participant
  • A critical thinker and learner
  • Creative
  • A communicator
  • Passionate for social justice
  • A change agent

Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts

Columbia College Chicago

Multiple Offers!

San Francisco Art Institute

Evergreen State Oregon

Parsons Paris Program

New England College / Presidential Scholarship